The study will enroll up to 25 sufferers with metastatic cancer.

Aethlon receives authorization to begin Hemopurifier research at Sarcoma Oncology Center Aethlon Medical, Inc. The study will enroll up to 25 sufferers with metastatic cancer, including those with non-small cell lung cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma, head and neck cancer, and sarcoma.Tumor-secreted exosomes, which are not addressed by drug therapy, assist cancerous tumors in evading the immune response and are implicated in the survival, growth, and metastasis of cancer.The role of predictive factors such as age, Gleason score, and PSA kinetics in selecting patients for intermittent therapy remains to be described. Enough time that it took for the PSA level to double before study entry had not been available, but stratification was prepared based on the interval because the completion of radiotherapy as a surrogate for the doubling time. Males who was simply treated with radiotherapy a lot more than three years before being signed up for the study had better disease-specific survival , without significant difference according to the treatment they received .