Alliqua acquires global license for wound treatment dressings from Noble Biomaterials Alliqua.

David Stefansky, Chairman of Alliqua stated: ‘We are very excited about collaborating with Noble Biomaterials through the licensing of the two products, specifically the hydrogel that used Alliqua’s hydrogels. We believe that this purchase shall expedite our attempts to bring a silver dressing to market, along with allowing us to improve revenue while we pursue …Read More

Revamp Stomach Aneurysm Screening.

Revamp Stomach Aneurysm Screening, Save More Men’s Lives: Study: – WEDNESDAY, Aug. 19, 2015 – – A transformation in screening policies may help detect more abdominal aortic aneurysms in older men and save even more lives, a new study claims. Abdominal aortic aneurysm is usually a deadly bulging of the aorta potentially, the body’s largest …Read More

Researchers reported in PLoS Medicine the other day.

A boy who received human being fetal stem cell shots developed benign tumors in his human brain and spinal cord four years after the stem cell treatment began, researchers reported in PLoS Medicine the other day. Doctors at an unrelated clinic in Russia experienced apparently utilized the stem cell injections to try to treat the …Read More

10 Ways to Get Your Veggies Taste Vegetables are part of a healthy diet plan.

But do not forget the greens at all – for example, by dipping natural vegetables, you can get them amazingly delicious finger food. Try vegetables also sandwich or as a snack. Alternative to dip is so much that you too will find your preferred flavor surely. 4 Try blanching For example, the oriental cuisine, utilized …Read More

This is actually the second wake-up demand Canada.

Governments and other major research funders must increase research funding to an even even more proportionate to the financial burden of the disease. Recent UK data suggests that a 15-fold increase is required to reach parity with study into heart disease, and a 30-fold boost to accomplish parity with cancer analysis. Global governments need to …Read More

ACM Global Central Laboratory celebrates landmark anniversary ACM Global Central Laboratory.

The company will end up being celebrating this landmark anniversary at the Partnerships in Clinical Trials Congress and Exhibition, Nov. 3-6 in Rotterdam, HOLLAND. The European arm of ACM Global Central Laboratory, based in York, England, initiated as Pivotal Laboratories Limited in 1999 and since that time has considerably expanded from a small scale procedure …Read More

In the February 1 problem of Annals of Internal Medicine published.

ACP finds diagnostic imaging for low back again pain does not improve patients health The American College of Physicians has found strong evidence that routine imaging for low back pain with X-ray or advanced imaging methods such as CT scan or MRI will not improve the health of patients. In Diagnostic Imaging for Low Back …Read More

Radius collaborate to build up BA058 for treatment of osteoporosis Radius Health.

3M, Radius collaborate to build up BA058 for treatment of osteoporosis Radius Health, Inc. and 3M Drug Delivery Systems today announced an agreement to collaborate on the advancement of a transdermal delivery option of BA058, Radius’ novel, proprietary PTHrP analog, for the treating osteoporosis. The BA058 Microneedle Patch use 3M’s patented Microstructured Transdermal System microneedle …Read More

AACC receives three 2015 Hermes Creative Awards AACC.

The AeriSeal Program treatment is performed via a standard bronchoscopy, in which a bronchoscope is used to thread a catheter through the affected individual's airway to the most diseased areas of the lung. The foam, a proprietary polymer, comes in two liquid parts which are mixed occasions before injection together. The addition of air to …Read More

All financing for Miami-Dade community-based organizations cut by Mayor Alvarez 5.

Gonzalez, Ph.D., Director of Applications and Providers for ICFH, just this month the Thailand Ministry of Protection visited our offices to learn more about our juvenile justice applications which includes only a one-% price of juvenile re-offenders. Community based institutions serve as the lifeline to your county’s underserved community, these programs strengthen individuals, families and …Read More

A leading provider of patient monitors.

2009 European Patient Monitoring Technology Leadership of the Year Award directed at Mennen Medical Mennen Medical, a leading provider of patient monitors, cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology systems, announced today that the global development consulting business Frost & Sullivan has awarded Mennen Medical the 2009 2009 European Patient Monitoring Technology Leadership of the entire year Award. …Read More

An organization under the umbrella of the National Academy of Sciences.

Actions Alert – Institute of Medication accepting public touch upon proposed vaccine safety study The Institute of Medicine , an organization under the umbrella of the National Academy of Sciences , is currently in the process of putting together an assessment on the health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. And part of the process …Read More