Gut Bacteria Tied to Asthma Risk in Kids: WEDNESDAY.

As the scholarly study found a connection between gut bacteria and asthma risk in children, it didn’t prove effect and cause. Whether giving kids probiotics – – good bacteria – – might reduce asthma risk isn’t known, the researchers said. Turvey said the probiotics available in over-the-counter forms usually do not include the four bacterias identified in this study. ‘Studies like ours are identifying particular bacteria combinations that appear to be missing in the kids at the highest risk of asthma,’ he said. ‘The long-term objective is to see if we could offer these bacteria back, not the general nonspecific probiotics.’ Finlay said these results need to be replicated in larger groupings and in different populations.DNA from 38 of the 74 patients was classified as hypermethylated.). TFAP2E Hypermethylation and Gene Expression Tumor messenger RNA from 28 of the 74 patients in the original cohort was analyzed for TFAP2E expression through RT-PCR. Twelve sufferers showed TFAP2E hypermethylation and decreased TFAP2E mRNA expression, whereas 3 demonstrated hypomethylation and solid mRNA expression. The rest of the 13 patients demonstrated either mRNA expression and hypermethylation or no mRNA expression and hypomethylation. Furthermore, TFAP2E expression was assessed in a combined group of patients who had tissue samples from matched primary cancers and metastases.