Allegations against Take Form For Life misleading and false.

Allegations against Take Form For Life misleading and false, says Medifast An Independent Committee composed of distinguished associates of the Plank of Directors of Medifast, Inc. was constituted in February, 2009 to examine public allegations of an authorized, convicted felon Barry Minkow, and his network of alleged independent specialists, posted on Minkow’s website alleging illegal activities of Take Shape For Life, Inc., a direct selling company and a subsidiary of Medifast, Inc. The independent Directors’ Committee, after investigation of advice concluded the allegations had been false, misleading, and/or without merit.Bluml, Senior Vice President of Research and Creativity for the Foundation, This remedy enables pharmacists and additional healthcare providers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their patients’ capability to manage their diabetes through the real world application of knowledge, performance and skills. Providers can customize and successfully direct treatment in individual populations then, resulting in better, more cost effective outcomes for all individuals and a proven cost savings of over $1,000 per patient each year.