AGS Health to open up new delivery middle in Delhi.

As reported in healthcare media widely, the US healthcare industry faces an acute shortage of well educated professionals who are designed for the more complex, stringent regulations being set up for medical coding and billing. Combined with elevated pressures on health care executives to lessen costs and increase operational efficiencies, virtually all major healthcare suppliers are evaluating other choices to lessen their costs and fulfill their staffing shortages.Indian tea is definitely a nationwide pride and it should not be the main one associated with toxic chemicals with serious environmental and health risks. All stakeholders in the tea industry should come forward and take steps to safeguard the reputation of our national drink, stated Neha Saigal, a senior campaigner for Greenpeace India. The Tea Table of India, consisting of 31 people from the industry including tea manufacturers, tea traders, tea agents, representatives and consumers of governments from the principal tea-producing says and trade unions, argued that Indian teas are totally secure. The board said in a declaration, having reviewed the results of the Greenpeace study, can concur that all the samples tested adhere to the Indian laws and regulations, made to protect consumers.