Adolescent declines in cognitive performance predict later psychosis By Liam Davenport.

The results, released in JAMA Psychiatry, indicated that all the cognitive test scores correlated with each other positively. Associations between cognitive functioning at 18 years and risk for schizophrenia in adulthood were moderate, but a model including transformation in functioning between 13 and 18 years exposed a relative decline in verbal capability scores was the only significant predictor for schizophrenia, at a hazard ratio of 0.60 for each standard deviation increase in verbal capability. The results remained significant after changes for urbanity, parental educational level, and genealogy of psychosis.Medical Liability Reform-Innovative Solutions for a New Health Care System provides an upgrade of the medical liability landscape, state-based activity on medical liability reform, and summarizes newer and traditional reform proposals and their capability to affect system effectiveness and encourage patient security. While medical liability premiums have leveled off during the past few years, physicians still fear litigation, expect lawsuits, and experience the emotional burden of navigating the complex medico-legal system, said Molly Cooke, MD, FACP, president of ACP. Individuals harmed by medical carelessness also suffer under the existing medical liability program.