000 pounds frozen meat recalled over Listeria Meatball-maker Buona Vita.

Section of Agriculture’s Food Basic safety and Inspection Program announced Saturday that the recalled items included frozen meatballs, pre-made meat patties and loafs and additional frozen meals. The USDA branded the recall as Course I, saying there exists a high health risk that a product may cause serious, adverse health consequences or death. Bueno Vita, Inc., located in Bridgeton, N.J., produces 200 nearly,000 pounds of meatballs daily, relating to its website. The links above contain images of the products’ labels. Possible Listeria contamination was discovered through routine tests by the FSIS and Ohio Department of Agriculture.We also expect exceptional results regarding safety, local and systemic immune responses in the phase II study,’ says Thomas Muster, founder and CEO of AVIR Green Hills Biotechnology.

James C. Yao, M.D., Manisha H. Shah, M.D., Tetsuhide Ito, M.D., Ph.D., Catherine Lombard Bohas, M.D., Edward M. Wolin, M.D., Eric Van Cutsem, M.D., Ph.D., Timothy J. Hobday, M.D., Takuji Okusaka, M.D., Jaume Capdevila, M.D., Elisabeth G.E. De Vries, M.D., Ph.D., Paola Tomassetti, M.D., Marianne E.